Early Termination

Early termination charges apply if you cancel before the end of your minimum term or if we have to cancel your service before the end of the minimum term due to you, your fault.

Any early termination charge will be equal to the monthly service charges that would have been payable to us up until the end of your minimum term. You may also have to pay unbilled charges and any other charges due to us on the cancellation date.

A number of early termination charges depend on how much of your minimum term is left to run.

An example of early termination charges:-

Voitel Standard, Unlimited, Platinum User Package:
Minimum Term: 12 months
Monthly recurring charges (5 extensions: £60.00 12 month user package ): £60.00 per month
Cancellation date: in month 7
Months remaining on Minimum Term: 5
Early termination charge: 5 x £60 = £300.00 (plus VAT)